In Cabin Services

To schedule a side by side couple’s massage or individual massage in your Hocking Hills cabin please call 740-407-2814

Couple’s Massage

Swedish Massage

Swedish and other relaxing techniques combined together for the ultimate state of relaxation. This stress relieving massage aides in aches and pains, helps promote better circulation, and facilitate the body’s own healing process. Balances the body by helping relieve tension, energy blockages, and improves muscle nutrition.

Hot Stone Massage

Basalt stones are on the body, and some are used in a flowing manner to gently manipulate the skin with light pressure and encourage relaxation. This massage soothes the mind and body at the same time gently balancing the bodies energy flow.

Deep Tissue Therapy

Therapeutic techniques, isolated stretching, and deep firm pressure are done throughout this massage. Full body massage with special attention to areas of tension and stress. Helps by eliminating pain and tight muscle bands. Vigorous bodywork stimulates all vital activities of the body.
You must have prior massage experience before receiving a deep tissue massage!

Individual Massage


Reflexology is a science that deals with the principle of reflex areas in the feet. Reflex areas correspond with all glands, organs, and parts of the body. This wonderful therapy is used to stimulate those reflexes of the body with the same everlasting benefits of a massage.

Body Polish

This treatment is an invigorating experience that stimulates the skin and detoxifies the body of any impurities. The Dead Sea Salts are combined with warm *essential oils ultimately ridding the skin of dead skin cells. Soothes the skin giving off a natural glow to the body.

Hot Aromatherapy Oil Wrap

This treatment starts out with a body polish. An intensely invigorating scrub with dead sea salts from head to toe smoothing and soothing the body. Next, allow the vapors of the dead sea salts and the pure essential oils relax and recharge the mind and spirit as you shower your worries away. Lastly, indulge yourself as your body is lightly massaged with a mixture of null (vitamin E) oil and your choice of essential oil. Close your eyes and allow the mind to settle as you are put in a full body wrap allowing the heat and oils to penetrate the skin in this intense moisturizing treatment. Get up feeling revitalized and refreshed.

Seaweed Wrap

Cleanses and detoxifies the body making a wonderful herbal skin treatment. The skin absorbs the minerals in the seaweed to disperse local fatty deposits ensuring soft, fresh, and healthy looking skin. Tea bags for the eyes, a head, neck, and shoulder massage are included as well.

Warm Essential Mud Wrap

Mineral enriched mud is massaged over the body into a full body wrap for 30 minutes. Relax in a warm soothing body wrap for an additional 30 minutes while the detoxifying minerals soak into the skin cleansing the body of impurities and negative energies. Tea bags for the eyes, a head, neck, and shoulder massage are included as well.

Deluxe Hand and Foot Treatment

This wonderful treatment has four steps with your choice of *essential oils. Step one- Start off with a salt glow for the hands and feet. Gently ridding the skin of dead skin cells for a beautiful glow. Step two- gentle massage of the hands and feet (including the knee down to the bottom of your foot) to relax and loosen the muscles of tension. Step three- intense aromatherapy moisturizer with your choice of *essential oil. Step four- Foot reflexology of both feet. Reflexology is known to have everlasting benefits for the mind,body,and soul.

* Many of our massages include your choice of one essential oil: Lemon-grass, Jasmine, Lavender, Peppermint , eucalyptus, Ylang Ylang and Tea Tree.